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Being a fan mostly means a lot of waiting. Right now Star Trek fans for instance, are waiting to see if JJ Abrams is interested in having them show up to see his movie. Indiana Jones fans are waiting to see whether or Indy will really end up fighting the Close Encounter aliens. Batman fans are waiting around to see if Chris Nolan can make the caped crusader just as cool the second time around.

Well now we know when we’ll have at least partial answers to some of those questions. ComingSoon has scored hints on when the first real trailers for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Dark Knight, and Star Trek will debut. They say Indy will get his first trailer in February, possibly in front of the banal looking Spiderwick Chronicles. The Dark Knight may get a trailer in just two weeks, on December 14th in front of I Am Legend. Star Trek they say is stuck trailering in front of the already boring, JJ Abrams’ produced monster movie Cloverfield on January 18, 2008.

None of those dates are exactly surprising. It’s just nice to hear them said out loud. I just wish I wasn’t being forced into buying a ticket for The Spiderwick Chronicles or Cloverfield. Wholly depressing.