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New Trailer For Steptember 11th Drama The Reluctant Fundamentalist

After September 11th there was an awful backlash in this country. Due to panic, fear and paranoia, many Muslims in America - including those that have lived in the U.S. for their entire lives - suddenly found themselves with a target painted on their back and victims of racial profiling and violent bigotry. While anybody with half a brain recognized that not everyone of Middle Eastern descent wishes harm upon America, still the hate grew strong and people from the region were persecuted and called terrorists for no rightful reason. And it's that powerful conflict that's at the center of Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

The film premiered at both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals last year, and as it gets set to arrive in theaters this April IFC Films has unveiled a brand new trailer. Watch it below, courtesy of Yahoo!

Nair's first film since 2009's Amelia, The Reluctant Fundamentalist stars Riz Ahmed as Changez, a young Pakistani man who graduates from Princeton and starts to finds success on Wall Street. But when the September 11th attacks occur he suddenly finds himself facing a roadblock on the path to the American Dream as he deals with persecution in America, and soon begins to hear the call of his homeland.The film is based on the novel by Mohsin Hamid and co-stars Kiefer Sutherland, Kate Hudson, and Liev Schreiber. IFC will have the movie theaters in New York and Los Angeles starting on April 26th and is planning a national roll-out to follow.

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