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The new trailer that was just released for Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Age of Extinction is jam packed with all kinds of different treats for fans of the franchise. There’s a sizable group of recognizable actors, plenty of big explosions, giant alien ships in the sky and even Transformers that look like dinosaurs. What you may not have noticed, however, is that there is a bit of viral marketing stuck in the trailer as well.

If you pause right at the 13-second mark of the spot you’ll notice a billboard that reads in all caps "REMEMBER CHICAGO" and the tagline "Report Alien Activity" – an obvious reference to the events of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The key part of this billboard, however, is the number listed in the lower right hand corner:


Rather than being a standard Hollywood fake number that has 555 as the first three numbers after the area code, you’ll notice that this is actually a real number. Calling (855) 363-8392 takes you to an automated message that warns all citizens to stay clear of all Transformers, stay alert, and to be sure to report all sightings to the local authorities. From there, the path of the viral continues, as the voice tells the listener to head over to the website

While the site doesn’t have a ton of content on it right now, it is clearly a viral site that will start to change as we get closer and closer to Transformers: Age of Extinction’s release date. For now, what is on the site is a brand new viral poster, featuring the website’s mission and slogan:


We’ll be sure to keep checking in with the site to see how it changes and develops, and we’ll get updates for you as they become available. For now, just sit back and watch that trailer and Super Bowl spot just a few more times and look forward to the film hitting theaters on June 27th.

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