Transformers: Dark Of The Moon DVD Will Be Loaded With Deleted Scenes

Very few people leave a Transformers film wanting more footage. The average run-time for Michael Bay’s robo-carnage operas is 150 minutes. The idea that Bay could possibly have “deleted scenes” for a DVD release of his films is laughable, as the director seems to include everything but the kitchen sink on screen. Heck, he even recycles footage from his previous films. What could Bay possibly have left on the cutting room floor?

Well, lots, if Dark of the Moon leading man Shia LaBeouf is to be believed. The actor, who has filmed three Transformers films back-to-back, tells MTV News that the upcoming DVD release for the sequel will have boatloads of extra scenes, though we should expect to hear more improvised banter between Bay’s Oscar-caliber actors instead of additional scenes with battling ‘bots.

"Because we're 3-D, you're shooting digital all the time. The beauty for us is, let's say I'm doing a scene with [John] Malkovich or Frances [McDormand] or [Patrick] Dempsey or even Rosie [Huntington-Whiteley] -- we'd just riff. You've got hours and hours of all that ... where you're just riffing and ad libbing and trying to come up with lines," said LaBeouf.

Ah, the dreaded act of coming up with lines. Isn’t that what the screenplay is for? And did anyone walk away from Dark of the Moon thirsting for more of Ehren Kruger’s dialogue? No. You want more Autobot-on-Decepticon mayhem. Yet those digitally-enhanced action sequences cost serious bucks, and so it’s likely Bay put al of those in the finished product and left out things that help ground a sci-fi thriller. You know, like conversation, character development and plot twists. There’s no date set for a Dark of the Moon DVD, though if I had to guess, I’d say Paramount would have it in stores in time for the December holidays.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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