New Tron: Legacy Clip Has Sam Flynn Get Ready For The Game Grid

Yet another week has passed and it is once again that oh-so-special day of the week known as Tuesday. Why is it so special? Because it means that we once again get to bring you another edition of Tron Tuesday. In the past couple weeks we've brought you new posters, trailers and music videos, and now we have a new clip from the film.

Set shortly after Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) has been sucked into the computer world, the one minute look at the upcoming film features his first interaction with the Sirens, who are responsible for equipping him and getting him prepared to go onto the game grid.

Check out the clip below.

Just like the clip that featured Sam and his father reuniting for the first time in over a decade, this is a scene taken and shortened from the Tron Night event a few weeks ago. While the editing isn't nearly as disastrous as it was in the first clip, it is responsible for how rushed the video feels. I still do really like the detail of having Sam's eyes flash when his identity disc is strapped on to his back. Feel free to leave your own thoughts and feelings about the clip in the comments section.

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Eric Eisenberg
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