Excision, the freshman film from Richard Bates Jr,. is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on October 16. To celebrate the twisted dark comedy and horror flick, Anchor Bay has a couple of special clips from the film for fans that highlight AnnaLynne McCord’s creepy performance as the high school student, Pauline, as well as throws us for a loop with a really random cameo.

The first clip, called “ Principal’s Office,” introduces us to the freaky Pauline, who thinks she’s smarter than the adults around her. If you’ve seen Excision, you already know that Pauline has a weird obsession with wanting to perform surgery on her peers, and hearing her talk about her untreated psychological problems makes her seem even more intimidating.

The second clip, “Counseling Session,” features a cameo from famed oddball director John Waters, who seems to fit perfectly into the cadence of Excision. In the clip, we get to hear more about Pauline’s philosophy, plus we get to stare at the perfectly thin mustache Waters has sported for as long as I can remember. This clip absurdly just makes me want to watch A Dirty Shame, and while I appreciate the value of John Waters, it sort of stinks for McCord that it only takes a mustache to detract from her performance.

The flick is running at an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it may be a good bet for fans of black comedy or horror. Excision is available for pre-order over at Amazon.

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