UPDATE: James Cameron Will Not Direct A Prometheus Sequel

Michael Fassbender in Prometheus
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UPDATE: Following the source down the rabbit hole of the Internet, it looks like we got tricked by an April Fool's Day joke a day late. The scoop originally came from Worst Previews, where their source link reveals the trick. Our apologies for passing on a fake story!

This sounds too good to be true, but it’s coming to us directly from the proverbial horse’s mouth, so I’m prone to believe it: James Cameron might direct a Prometheus sequel.

While promoting his upcoming Titanic 3D in London, the director opened up to The Guardian about how discussions between he and Sir Ridley Scott opened up a dialogue regarding story ideas that will be explored in the pending Prometheus.

"Ridley came to me, and he saw what I was doing [with Avatar] and the ideas I was exploring. We sat down and talked about Alien, and saw that there's big ideas hidden in these stories. Where do we come from? What does it mean to be human? This was something that Ridley saw as original and something he wanted to be a part of. … There's a gap of a few years between Prometheus and the original Alien. That gap is meant for me to answer all the questions raised in Prometheus. … I'm not sure if Ridley changed his mind, because the movie [Prometheus] turned out fantastic, but it was during those early talks when he brought up the idea of me stepping in to direct a follow-up."

Ah, damn, Cameron has seen Prometheus already? What, was it his in-flight movie during his trip to the bottom of the ocean? That dude really is the king of the world.

Needless to say, this potential production would duplicate a pattern that should blow our geeky minds to smithereens. Cameron directed Aliens in 1986, expanding on Scott’s universe as he ramped up the action. He has a direct connection to this material, and is suggesting that his conversations with Scott helped guide him down the paths that led to Prometheus. And more important, Cameron isn’t shutting any doors on the idea.

“Right now I'm working on Avatar 2," he told the Guardian. "So if Fox wants to wait … we'll see what happens."

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