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UPDATE: Yahoo! has now released six more of their own images; you can check out three of them at the bottom of this post.

There still a little bit of time before the two competing Snow White movies come out next year, but it's probably wise to start picking sides now, because what are movies for if not meaningless contests? In one corner you've got Kristen Stewart, a suit of armor, Charlize Theron and Thor himself Chris Hemsworth swinging an axe instead of a mighty hammer. In the other corner you've got visionary director Tarsem Singh, an ethereal Lily Collins in an iridescent dress, and now, some new images from the film to help clearly draw the battle lines.

Tarsem's Snow White movie is still untitled-- the Kristen Stewart one is called Snow White and the Huntsman, if you're keeping track-- but that hasn't stopped Entertainment Weekly from revealing six new images from the film, including several shots of Julia Roberts in grand form and even grander dress as the Wicked Queen. We also get the first looks at Armie Hammer as the Prince, Collins in swordfighting mode (see, Kristen Stewart's Snow White isn't the only one who gets to do battle!), and the seven dwarves in a pretty jovial moment with Collins. Check out three of the images below, and click over to EW for the full collection.

As if it weren't already obvious, Tarsem's take on the material seems to be far more traditional and fairy-tale feeling, whereas the Kristen Stewart-starring one directed by Rupert Sanders, with its battle armor and dark look, seems to be headed somewhere entirely different. I never thought I would say this, but it really looks like there might be room for both of them, even if I do spend the next 6 months getting them mixed up. The untitled Lily Collins-starring Snow White hits theaters first, on March 16, while Snow White and the Huntsman comes a few months later on June 1. Choose your dwarf alliances wisely.

UPDATE: Here are three of the six new images that debuted at Yahoo!. You can click over to see the full collection, but below here's your first look at Nathan Lane, who plays the Queen's harried assistant, and the full court gathered with Roberts's Queen holding court up front in the enormous red dress.

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