UPDATE: Warner Bros. has sent along a statement from director Walter Hill himself, denying the information from the earlier report. Here's the statement:

I'm currently finishing up and locking reels on the movie -- as to the content and style of the film, Sly and I are in perfect sync. I’m delighted with the way the film is turning out and hopefully so will the audience.”

Our original story is below.

When Sylvester Stallone's upcoming action thriller Bullet to the Head was suddenly pulled from its scheduled April release date and thrown into the nebulous abyss that is "TBA," it definitely seemed like a cause for alarm. After all, the movie had already begun its promotional campaign by releasing images, and with The Expendables 2 coming this summer, Stallone seemed perfectly positioned to have two hits in a single year-- especially with The Warriors and 48 Hours director Walter Hill handling things behind the screen.

If you assumed that something was going terribly wrong behind the scenes on Bullet to the Head, you were right-- but apparently it might be Hill himself who's the problem. Twich reports that Stallone is now personally overseeing a new cut of the film, and that a November release date is looking possible. The fact that the movie now has an actual plan for release is good, but Stallone recutting the entire thing isn't-- presumably the star was less than happy with what Hill came up with, and with his own directorial credits including the Rocky sequels and The Expendables, Stallone seemed to figure it'd just be easier to do it himself.

This story becomes a lot more interesting when you let your imagination run wild, imagining the knock-down drag-out arguments that Hill and Stallone had on the set. We probably won't get those details any time soon, if ever, but when Bullet to the Head does finally come to theaters later this year, it will be a fun game trying to figure out what this movie looked like the first time around.

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