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What happened to Vince Vaughn? The guy used to star in awesome movies like Swingers, Old School, Wedding Crashers and Dodgeball and make us absolutely howl. What is he doing now? Fred Claus? Couples Retreat? Four Christmases? The Dilemma? Patience waiting for Vaughn to make another funny movie is starting to wane, but perhaps The Insane Laws will be the one to break up the streak.

THR reports that Universal is close to picking up the project, which was written by Jeremy Garelick, the same guy who wrote The Break Up, after it was put in turnaround by Columbia Pictures. A semi-autobiographical story for Garelick, Vaughn would star as one of two best friends who watch as their kids grow up, fall in love and have a child together. Producer Neal Moritz, under his Original Films label, will still be involved with the film, which currently also has Garelick attached to direct.

Writer of The Break Up in his directorial debut making a movie with a pun in the title? Okay, maybe the next film after this one will get Vaughn out of his funk.

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