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"There's a terrifying secret that could destroy them all," one of the new TV spots for Vampire Academy teases. The "Secrets" spot is one of two new videos to make their way online. Both offer us a few new glimpses of the feature adaptation of Richelle Mead's novel, while also working in a couple of new and exciting moments.

fire wolf

Those who have read the book know that the story centers on Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch), a Dhampir — half-human/half vampire — who's attending St. Vladimirs Academy in an effort to protect her best friend Lissa (Lucy Fry), one of the Moroi vampires who attends the school. Unlike the evil Strigoi vampires who are fully intolerant to sunlight, don't age and have no qualms about murdering humans, Dhampirs or Moroi vampires for their blood, the Moroi vampires age and have special abilities related to the elements. Fire is one of them, which may explain the excellent and wolfish display we saw in the above preview.

Here's the other TV spot for the film, which breaks down the student body of St. Vlads into the usual cliques one might find in high school… with some notable differences…

Gym class looks a bit different at St. Vladimirs than it did at my high school…


And we also get a look at a dusky (or dawny) stake training session outside…


It seems like the promotions for the movie are starting to push more toward action and thrills, of which there will hopefully be plenty when this film hits theaters February 7. And as I addressed yesterday, I'm especially interested to see fans' reactions to the movie, factoring in the mixed reactions we've seen to the trailers that have released leading up to the film's arrival. It's also going to be interesting to see how Vampire Academy does at the box office and where this adaptation falls by comparison to some of the other young adult book-to-screen stories we've seen in recent years. There's definite franchise potential and Mead has more books in the series that could be adapted if this first one's a hit. We should have a better idea of those odds in a few weeks when this film hits theaters.

In the meantime, it seems like Rose will be fine either way…

you're welcome

One last update, the release for the soundtrack has been moved to February 4, ahead of the newly set February 7 release of the movie.

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