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Does anyone else find it strange that neither of Marvel’s attempts to turn the Hulk into a successful film were directed by an American director with some actual attachment to the character? Ang Lee directed the first one, and Louis Letterier, a Frenchman, directs the second one coming out this summer. In light of the fact that Marvel seems to be pushing this second film as the tribute to the Hulk that nostalgia happy fans have wanted to see, you’d think maybe they’d have tried hiring someone who has some history with the character. Or at least someone who might have watched the TV series as a kid. That’s not Letterier, he was probably busy watching Asterisk and Obelisk.

Even though Letterier probably lacks the nostalgic Hulk attachment that we all have, he talks a good game when it comes to linking his new movie to that long legacy of Hulk history. In a new feature, Marvel takes you behind the scenes of The Incredible Hulk to let Letterier and his team attempt to convince you that they’re bringing you the Hulk “you’ve always wanted to see.”

Get behind the scenes of The Incredible Hulk by watching the embed below: