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Since just about every other late night show has taken the week off, I’ve had my TV tuned to Jimmy Kimmel Live late nights while I work. I’m glad I did. Tonight John Cusack showed up to promote his new movie War, Inc.. He brought a clip. A clip of Hilary Duff shoving a scorpion down her pants and writhing in pleasure. Somebody really knows how to sell a flick.

War, Inc. is a dark war satire which also seems to be part action movie and part Iraq parody. It’s pretty hard to describe, especially since until this week we’ve seen very little of it. But today we got the film’s first poster and stills here, and tonight we got Hilary enjoying the company of a stinging arthropod.

Unfortunately the full Hilary clip isn’t online yet, but I did find a few different clips on YouTube which contain segments of the same footage. So for those of you who missed it, here’s a two clips from War, Inc., one of which features Hilary Duff risking a rather nasty sting on her down belows:

Hilary Duff Themed War, Inc. Trailer

Joan Cusack Deflates In War, Inc.