For whatever reason, Canadian director Ken Scott decided to do an American remake his own film Starbuck titled Delivery Man, set to be fronted by Captain Subtlety himself, Vince Vaughn. And now that we’ve seen the above trailer for the film, courtesy of Fandango, it’s clearly obvious why everyone wanted to do this. Because of the…okay so I’m not sure why the original film wasn't enough.

As the trailer explains, Vaughn will be playing a guy who donated sperm a long time ago, but due to some mix up at the sperm bank ended up fathering 533 children. Oh, and and some of them are suing to find out who he is. I’m not sure how accurate the legal portion of the plot is, but it seems a bit off. A reiteration of the premise is pretty much all we get from Vaughn’s screentime, and the little bit of time he gets with Chris Pratt is spent on a non-joke that just takes up space. And is it just me…


…Or does that picture from the opening of the trailer look like Pratt? These are all supposed to be pictures of Vaughn’s kids, and Pratt is supposed to be his lawyer. I see a conflict of interest going on right here...

Perhaps another couple of trailers could save Delivery Man’s anticipation factor before it gets released on November 22nd.

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