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Vince Vaughn’s action-comedy Term Life has seen a long road. Once a cancelled project, it was brought back from the dead, and is now on the verge of release. We didn’t know what to make of the idea of Vince Vaughn in an action movie, but now that we’ve seen the first trailer, we can see that there’s enough comedy here for the man, and his fans, to feel comfortable. The action is just icing on the cake. Check out the trailer below.

While the basic premise of Term Life was understood, we now have a much clearer view of the film’s framework thanks to the trailer shared by Yahoo. Vince Vaughn’s character helps plan a heist, because every decent movie these days has to have a heist involved, which puts him on the wrong side of drug dealers, as well as some crooked cops led by the great Bill Paxton. Vaughn's character is overwhelmed, and as good as dead. The solution? Take out a life insurance policy on himself so that when he’s inevitably murdered, his daughter will be taken care of. The hitch is that the policy doesn’t take effect for 21 days, so he has to stay alive at least that long. It’s a simple enough premise and at least appears to be an entertaining one.

The most curious thing about the film at this point is the fact that it hits Video On Demand a full month before it goes into theaters. That’s becoming a more common market strategy, but it tends to be done by films that don’t expect to have big theatrical releases. Based on the Term Life cast, you’d think that the studio would be expecting more. In addition to Vince Vaughn and Bill Paxton the films boasts Hailee Steinfeld and Terrence Howard, as well as the reuniting of the classic team of Vaughn and Jon Favreau. While that lineup may not spell blockbuster, it at least looks to be a solid film with a solid cast. Nicholas Cage has seen major theatrical releases with a lot less.

In addition, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that we’ve previously discussed the fact that there is something terribly wrong with Vince Vaughn’s hair in this movie. The trailer actually includes a scene where Jonathan Banks makes reference to his awful haircut, so we feel less horrible about pointing it out. On the one hand, it appears there was a reason they made Vince Vaughn look ridiculous. On the other hand, you can’t get away with something that terrible just by claiming you did it on purpose.

Terrible haircut aside, Term Life looks like it might be a fun time at the movies, or on our couch watching it On Demand. Look for it on Demand on March 1, and in theaters on April 8.