Big-screen comedians who cross over to action often meet mixed results. For every Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, there are far too many examples of action franchises fashioned around performers who are much better at cracking a joke than they are at kicking some ass on screen. So we’re a little hesitant, for the moment, to hear news out of the American Film Market that Vince Vaughn is lining up Triple Time, an action thriller that producer Peter Billingsley is shopping to foreign buyers.

Variety reports that Vaughn would headline what sounds like a rework on the fantastic Midnight Run formula, with the funnyman playing a U.S. Marshal who must get a convict to Washington, D.C. after their transport plane somehow explodes. The crook is an environmental criminal, and will be the target of an outside force that begins to hunt the pair down. So at least it sounds like Vaughn will have someone to play off of in the movie. Can we get Owen Wilson cast in this thing? It’s not too late, right?

The trade adds that Triple Time was purchased by Scott Pictures off of Michael J. Wilson and Billingsley’s spec script. Vaughn plans to produce through his Wild West Pictures Show banner, though it’s unclear when he’d be able to start on it. He’s currently filming Shawn Levy’s The Internship in Atlanta (with Wilson). From there, he is expected to move to the paternal comedy The Delivery Man. He’s also loosely attached to Randall Wallace's Gunslingers and a big-screen adaptation of the classic television drama The Rockford Files. So if you are a Vaughn fan, celebrate the fact that he’s extremely busy lately … and he’s looking for scripts that take him in exciting new directions.

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