Wall-E Teaser Poster

That image to your right is, we think, exactly what it looks like. The first teaser poster for Pixar’s next, highly anticipated movie WALL-E. It comes from a blog called UpcomingPixar, where they have a larger version available.

It’s absolutely gorgeous, perfect for the lonely story of longing that WALL-E is supposed to be. However, it’s also nothing new. They’ve just recycled that same image we’ve already seen from the film, of the movie’s robot character looking up into the heavens. Because of that, it’s entirely possible that the poster could be a fake. It’s the kind of thing that any fan with a good copy of Photoshop could conceivably have cobbled together on his own.

I’m hoping it’s real though, because I’d love to see this hanging on the wall at a theater. The way they’ve stuck what looks like an Igloo cooler next to him, as if he’s on a lunchbreak is a nice visual trick too, a subtle way of humanizing the character even though it’s almost certainly just some garbage that happened to be in the neighborhood when Wall-E stopped to look at the stars. Robots don’t need lunchboxes.

About the movie: WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifters -- Earth Class, and the film is about a future in which Earth has become so overrun by trash that it’s uninhabitable for humans. 700 years before the movie takes place, the entire human race lives in an orbiting space ship, and sends robots down to the planet to clean it up. Flash to the present, and the project has failed. Only one robot is left on Earth still at work cleaning the place, and his name is WALL-E.

Josh Tyler