Screenwriter Brad Ingelsby got his big break about a year ago, when Leonardo DiCaprio and Ridley Scott signed on to produce his first screenplay, The Low Dweller. And lucky for him, he had enough screenplays in the drawer and moxie to take advantage of the opportunity-- he's got two other projects set up, and will be adapting a novel at Warner Bros. to boot.

The novel is Vivian Schilling's Sacred Prey, which THR says may be retitled Hit Man or something equally generic. The movie starts with a loan shark who kills the guy who did him wrong, only to wake up in the body of that dead mean, three days before the murder will take place. Sounds twisty and interesting, and maybe a take on the Memento style of thriller that can actually do something new with it. Given that none of Ingelsby's screenplays have yet made it to the screen, it's impossible to say if he'll know what to do with the material. But he must be the biggest new screenwriter in town for a reason, right?

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