Was Kevin Smith Hired To Write And Leak A Fake Batman v Superman Script?

To misquote and paraphrase football coach Dennis Green, is Kevin Smith who we thought he was? He's been "Nerd On The Front Lines" recently, not for his films as much as being the one "in-the-know" regarding major geek properties. He's been allowed inside the Star Wars: Episode VII studios, and he's especially been privy to information regarding Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (thanks to his long friendship with Ben Affleck). But what if it's also because he's something of a spy?

MovieWeb is claiming that they've learned a very suspicious, highly bizarre "truth" from a Warner Bros. informant: Kevin Smith has been spreading misinformation regarding Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Specifically they point to a leaked script for the movie that has landed in the hands of a few web writers, one that highlights all the news we've been hearing so far - which may or may not be true. The informant claims Kevin Smith wrote this script on order from Warner Bros. in order to be purposely leaked to get geeks off the scent of the film.

So, Kevin Smith, what's the real story? Are you part of a massive misinformation campaign to create false expectations for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Have you penned a script specifically for a movie that does not exist? If so, where did you find the time, considering you're working on Tusk? You may recall that Smith, a dyed-in-the-wool comic book fan and writer, previously wrote a script for a Superman film in the mid-nineties that never came to pass.

Or, is this story completely bogus, as many well-informed voices on the internet have said?

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(MovieWeb's source claims to have worked for "Susanne Knoll," the Warner Bros. head of marketing, though her real name is "Sue Kroll.")

Of course, leave it to internet writers to only add more mystery. What part of the initial story is untrue? Is Warner Bros. NOT staging a fake information campaign? Or are they, but Kevin Smith isn't a part of it? Is that script real, or is it fake? Could Smith have volunteered himself for the job? Or is Smith just a fall guy for an other unknown writer? Is the acknowledgement of misdirection actually more misdirection? Who shot J.R.? How did the Englishman go up a hill but come down a mountain?

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice opens May 6th, 2016. Or does it...?