We'll be bringing you the full list of Oscar nominations the very minute they go online, at around 8:45 EST this morning, but why wait for us? You can watch the nominations as they are announced live, right here embedded below. Emma Stone and Seth MacFarlane-- who's also hosting the February 24 ceremony-- will be on hand fro the major announcements, while the smaller categories will be revealed online immediately after watch it all as it happens!

For some insight on what we think will happen with these nominations, check out yesterday's post, in which I boldly predicted all of the nominees, including some out-there picks for Matthew McConaughey's Best Supporting Actor nomination, and just 7 Best Picture nominees (out of a possible 10). Did I get it right? Are all of these nominations completely wack? We'll have tons of coverage of the nominations all throughout the morning, listing the biggest shockers and snubs, the well-deserved picks and the total mysteries, and all the rest. Keep checking back, since there's nothing we love more than Oscar morning, and we're going to cover the hell out of it while it lasts.

The Academy Awards will be broadcast on Sunday, February 24 on ABC, starting at 7 pm EST. You'd better believe we'll be covering the hell out of them then, too.

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