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When you think about it, Man of Steel has three very key elements to it that make editing trailers seem easy. First there’s the visual spectacle, as it appears that Zack Snyder went all out for his Superman movie, filling it with brilliant color and lighting as well as impressively detailed CGI. Then there’s the emotional heart, driven by the father figures played by Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, who attempt to raise their spectacular son the right way. And lastly there’s the awesome action, as the film demonstrates all of the superhero’s incredible powers, from super strength to laser vision.

And yet the trailers are still cut in a way so that they include new footage each time out while also never revealing too much about the plot. Based on a story developed by Christopher Nolan and David Goyer, the film revisits the origin story of Superman and how he traveled from Krypton to Earth and grew up to learn his true identity. But where does the tale go beyond that? What is General Zod’s plan?

The way things are going the mystery should hold until Man of Steel arrives in theaters on June 14th, but it’s understandably a little hard to wait. To get you ready for the long-awaited release of the new Superman movie, we’ve collected all 10 of the film’s unique TV spots above, below, and beyond for your entertainment. Now that you've watched one, click next page to see the rest...
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