So what have you been doing with your toys lately? Odds are, if you're not still a child, you've long since stopped using action figures to re-enact scenes from your favorite movies or TV shows, or best of all, mashing up different characters-- Ninja Turtles vs. G.I. Joes!-- to make entirely new ones. But that doesn't apply to animators Derek Kowk and Henri Wong, who put together a short, stop-motion animated film using the most detailed toys from many different Batman movies. Watch Batman fight two versions of The Joker, plus Bane, in this astonishingly realistic video below.

No, it's not as seamless as a more traditional stop-motion movie, in which the animators are able to build fully customizable models to play around with. But it is really damn impressive, especially the way they use minimalist sound effects to tell the story, and have some genuine fun by mashing up the various villains-- bet you never thought you'd get to see the Nolan version of Batman fight Jack Nicholson's Joker, eh? And the final confrontation between Batman and Bane is actually more satisfying than the one we saw in The Dark Knight Rises if you ask me.

The whole idea behind it brings me back to the days of making up elaborate stories to go with action figures, and it's a nice reminder that sometimes it's exactly that kind of imagination that leads to filmmaking careers in the future. You can learn more about the team behind this movie at their Facebook page.

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