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Now I love a good Dad joke as much as the next person, but even I think this might be a little too much. This is what happens when you have a father with a ood sense of humor, and you ask him for a Frozen doll for Christmas. Let the hilarity ensue.

You see what he did there? Rather than actually purchasing a doll that was based on the characters from Disney’s monstrously successful animated hit film, Frozen, this father took his daughter’s words literally. Thus, he froze a doll overnight, then wrapped it up on Christmas Day morning, handed it to his daughter and filmed it for all the word to see and enjoy. And let’s be thankful that he did, because this might just be the greatest dad joke that has ever unfolded.

The video has already blossomed into a viral smash-hit. In just 48 hours it has already been watched over 1.1 million times. The good news is that this dad ultimately did get his daughter a doll from the Disney animated smash hit. If he hadn't, then the teeny-tiny rage likely would have just erupted out of her and probably would have completely ruined Christmas. Plus, if he didn’t, she probably would have trust issues forever and ever and ever. Not paying for a Frozen doll could later wind up costing him big time in psychiatrist fees. Is that really worth the risk?

Fortunately this situation has resulted in a funny viral video, but wouldn't it have been horrible if it went the other way? What if this was the father’s last resort because every time he tried to purchase a Frozen doll, either online or in a store, he found that they’d sold out. The truth is that Frozen Christmas toys were so in demand that parents across the world allegedly had to be restricted to purchasing just one doll each. Of course, at this point, his daughter would have every right to ask why he didn’t then embark on a Jingle All The Way-style dash to try and find her perfect gift. However by the sound of things even Arnold Schwarzenegger would have struggled to purchase a Princess Elsa or Princess Anna doll over the festive period.

At the end of the day, even if the little girl had missed out on her desired gift, she would hopefully eventually take a lesson from her new favorite film and learn to just let it go. I know what you’re thinking: me and the Frozen doll dad could and probably should be best friends. And you know what? You’re probably right.

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