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With the emergence of the Internet and social media, it's become easier than ever to share your personal obsessions with the world, and for many new parents that means their kids. For some this means posting endless pictures, offering unsolicited epiphanies about the joys of parenthood, or over-sharing every detail on their baby's bowel movements. But for crafty movie maker Patrick Boivin, it means cutting his kids into vids inspired by some spectacular action features.

For his latest video, the highly ambitious and self-taught CGI master cast his infant son, Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin, in a special effects laden fight scene inspired by Bruce Lee's iconic Enter the Dragon and Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill that pits the baby boy against a tenacious stuffed dragon. Check out the clip that is sure to put your home movies to shame below thanks to Yahoo:

Nailing the pacing and tone of these martial arts masterpieces and delivering some seriously stunning CGI, Boivin has created an adorable Youtube sensation that has tallied up more than 11 million views since he uploaded it on November 2nd. And if you want more of babies being badass, check out Dragon Baby's predecessor, Iron Baby below. From the spring of 2010, this vid features little Romeo's big sister Marguerite Bulte Boivin, when she was just an infant battling machine gun-toting bunnies.

Perhaps for his next project the battling Boivin babies will team up, or maybe take their sibling rivalry to absurd new heights with the help of their dad's deft special effects skills.