Watch The First Scene From Conan The Barbarian

Director Marcus Nispel may not have the greatest titles listed on his filmography, but if there's one thing the man knows how to do it's how to spill blood all over the silver screen. From the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Friday The 13th to Pathfinder, he has demonstrated often that he knows how to make his characters act in the most brutal fashion possible. Looking at the first scene from Conan The Barbarian it seems he has done it again.

Lionsgate has posted a 2:50 look at the new film, launching the clip over at In the scene, Corin, played by Ron Perlman, challenges some of the younger men in his tribe to take an egg in their mouth, and run around a mountain. The man who returns first with the egg unbroken wins. While this may seem fairly easy, the men run into a bit of a problem along the way.

Check out the clip below.

Eric Eisenberg
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