Watch The Full Thor Vs. Vision Fight That Was Cut From Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Deleted scenes can be some of the more interesting aspects of filmmaking. In addition to showing you ideas that the creators decided to abandon, it can also show you just how good the editing team of a film actually is. It’s hard to believe that there was actually a complete fight scene between Thor and Vision immediately following the creation of the latter, but there it is. Check out the full fight scene here.

The first thing that’s interesting in the clip via JoBlo is watching the unfinished special effects. Vision is still wearing the outfit that is supposed to be painted over with CGI, but that was never done as the scene was obviously excised from the finished film before they got that far. All of the effects that are there are only partially done. Iron Man’s chest piece looks like he’s wearing a toy as opposed to armor. When Vision does create his cape, it doesn’t look real. Of course, that’s before it disappears again in the next shot. Unfinished effects are funny.

There’s an interesting moment near the beginning of the fight that might also give a bit more insight into the abilities of Vision. While it’s difficult to make out exactly what is happening, because of the unfinished effects, Captain America throws his shield at Vision, and it just seems to... miss. Cap doesn’t miss, which implies that Vision has the ability to deflect the shield. Maybe not exactly a stretch considering the powers that we know the character has, but needless to say, this is not a guy you want on the other side. Of course, Vision will be on the other side of Captain America in Civil War so we may see this ability get used on screen next summer.

The editing is really quite impressive. When the decision to remove the scene was made, they simply had Thor throw Vision into the end of the sequence. A quick cape sound effect gives the impression of Thor moving to his mark at the end of the fight, and then we pick up as normal. Check out the final edit here.

What do you think of the fight scene? Would it have been better to include it in the final film? Since Thor will be one of the few not making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War we’ll have no opportunity for a rematch, but there will be several other Avengers we can watch him fight.

Dirk Libbey
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