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By most accounts Jeremy Renner was not the best Saturday Night Live host you could hope for, looking uncomfortable or unwilling to participate in some of the sketches, and not exactly transforming himself into new characters.But when you've got the star of two of the year's biggest movies on hand, you can at least count on some solid parodies-- and their sketch skewering The Avengers, and Hawkeye's lack of superpowers, was pretty spot-on.

Take a look at the sketch embedded below:

OK, so some of the Avengers get off too easy-- Thor is limited to a scrunchy joke, really?-- but Jason Sudeikis's take on Tony Stark is pretty priceless-- "You just got quipped!" And Kate McKinnon playing Black Widow as nothing much more than a set of curves in a tight black suit is a little unfair, but also pretty amusing, especially when she stops to lick her finger to knock out a Chtauri.

It's also interesting to watch this sketch in the context of Renner's earlier complaints about Hawkeye's role in the movie, rightly pointing out that he signed on to play a badass character, only to get stuck as a mindless Loki stooge for the bulk of the film. Of course an SNL sketch isn't going to get into that-- Renner's got a franchise to return to, after all-- but this might be another part of the campaign to talk them into giving Hawkeye a bit more to do next time around.

And one more thing: who else wants to go as one of these low-budget Chtauri Warriors for Halloween next year? OK? Yeah? Just me? Fine.