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Earlier this year several critic friends of mine were describing Transformers 2 as Michael Bay distilled to an essence, his vision translated directly to the screen with the aid of several million dollars and as many military helicopters as he could get his hands on.

But now, I'm not so sure that's true-- what Bay really wants is to be free from the limitations of narrative, of ratings, and of clothes. And now he's achieved that dream in the form of a Victoria's Secret commercial. The minute-long ad you see below isn't the first Victoria's Secret ad that Bay has shot, but dear Lord, it must be his best. It combines everything we've ever known Bay to love, from deserts to explosions to half-naked women, and distills it into a solid minute of 14-year-old boy fantasy. It's Michael Bay, presented to you like a Christmas gift. You have no choice but to enjoy it.

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