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Watch This Mind-Blowing Movie Music Tribute From The Ohio State Marching Band

As a marching band veteran, a college football fan and the editor of this movie-obsessed website, I admit I am the target audience for this particular viral video. But I challenge you to watch a group of people form a Tyrannosaurus Rex and then proceed to eat a person and not jump out of your seat in glee. This is the power of the Ohio State marching band, and it is an amazing thing.

In their tribute to the music of the movies, the OSU band covers the Superman theme-- both the John Williams and the Hans Zimmer versions, impressively-- and forms the shape of the Superman S and the man himself pushing over a tilted building. If that doesn't blow your mind enough, move on to the Lord of the Rings tribute, which features both the shapes of the One Ring and the Eye of Sauron. From there it's the familiar Harry Potter theme, with the band forming the Boy Who Lived's initials and, incredibly, Harry on a broomstick catching a flying snitch. In just a few short movies Harry turns into the shape of a T-Rex with the Jurassic Park theme playing, and then it's time for the grand finale-- the Pirates of the Caribbean flag as two pirate ships, one flying the OSU flag and one bearing the flag of their hated rival Michigan, do battle.

The OSU band is no stranger to viral fame, having blown the Internet away with their Michael Jackson tribute a few weeks ago. Actually, let's check that one out while we're at it:

Feel free to share the accomplishments of your own school's marching band in the comments, but fair warning: it's going to be hard to beat Ohio State today.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend