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How, exactly, does Steven Spielberg follow up a critically acclaimed historical Oscar winner like Lincoln? Easy. He makes Obama, a biopic of a lame-duck president that can hit theaters before the Commander In Chief even leaves office. And who does he get to play Pres. Obama? Even easier. Spielberg leans on Daniel Day-Lewis, in this amusing sketch that was shared via The Guardian.

If you’ve watched the clip, then you know that it really isn’t Oscar winner Day-Lewis in the role, but Obama playing himself for the benefit of a spoof that aired during the 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which was held at the Washington Hilton Hotel over the weekend. It’s refreshing to see the President – like so many leaders before him – lean on self-deprecating humor to poke fun at his accent, his physical appearance and his “motivations” while playing Day-Lewis playing Obama. At least, we know for sure that this isn’t Day-Lewis, right? Because the dude is just that good.

Like clockwork, the Obama haters lashed out in comments sections saying the President shouldn’t be wasting time with jokes during times of national crisis. The same argument were made the years that George W. Bush took part in the annual Correspondents’ dinner, and when Bill Clinton did it the years prior to that. There’s no getting around half the populace hating you when you are in office. The best you can do is try to have a sense of humor about your predicament.

As for Spielberg, we really don’t know what his post-Lincoln project will be. He’s occupied at the moment preparing for Cannes, where he’ll lead the Grand Jury. But he dropped his planned Moses movie, and put Robopocalypse on the back burner. Obama won’t be next, but what WOULD you like Spielberg to tackle?