Watch The Oscars Streaming Online In Full

There are plenty of ways to relive last night's Academy Awards, from catching up with our wonderful (if we do say so ourselves) recap to just singing "Skyfall" to yourself until you get to pretend you're Adele. But why attempt to remember it all when you can just watch the entire thing, from start to finish, right now?

No DVR needed-- last night's Academy Award broadcast is now available in full on Hulu, from Seth MacFarlane's awkward opening monologue to his even more awkward closing musical number that paid tribute to the losers. You can watch part 1 embedded below, which kicks off with MacFarlane and goes up until Shirley Bassey's performance of "Goldfinger"; to see the rest, click on over to Hulu.

Though of course it's great to relive the performances and the best acceptance speeches, the real highlight of rewatching the show in its entirety is catching all the tiny details you missed the first time. Watch Hugh Jackman attempt to rescue Jennifer Lawrence after she tripped on the stairs! Watch Helen Hunt and Samuel L. Jackson looking really, really unamused during Seth MacFarlane's bit with William Shatner. Find the reaction shots nobody has noticed yet! You might have an Internet meme on your hand, and all you need is a simple Hulu embed to get there.

Let us know what you spot when rewatching the awards, and if you need the rundown on who won what-- and to catch up on that aforementioned awesome liveblog-- click here.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend