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There’s not a whole lot to like about MTV these days, but Josh Horowitz has done something pretty damn funny. During interviews with the cast from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, he puts them on the spot and asks them to say a few prepared phrases in their best “American” accent.

Of them all, Tom Felton, better known to most of you as Draco Malfoy, by far has the most fun with it and seems to have been boning up on his accent (maybe for a role??). The gang seems to have a good time with it, and it’s especially fun to hear them all say “Twilight blows,” except for Emma Watson who won’t be tricked into dissing a rival franchise (that does in fact blow).

I applaud Josh Horowitz for this idea and the cast for playing along in good spirits. Can’t wait to see the film tonight at midnight.

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