Watch Sam Go Clubbing With Daft Punk And Michael Sheen In This Tron: Legacy Scene

As Tron: Legacy continues to rack up largely positive reviews across the internet (I hope to add one myself on Monday), there almost seems little point in Disney showing us anymore from the movie. We’ve already had trailers and clips and music videos and, oh yeah, more than 300 stills released from the movie. Word of mouth should do the trick from here on out. With any luck Tron: Legacy is this year’s Avatar, except far more creative. So Disney doesn’t really need to show us anything else from the Tron: Legacy, but because they love you, they are anyway.

We’ve got a brand new clip from Tron: Legacy. This one feature’s Michael Sheen’s character, a club owner named Castor. The clip gives us his introduction and, oh yeah, for all you electronica fans it’ll show you one of Daft Punk’s cameos too. Watch:

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Josh Tyler