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After seeing the last trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we were pretty well convinced we’d seen everything that we needed to about the film. The plot was pretty much laid out for us and we knew where everything was going. However, Zack Snyder just showed off a new clip of the film which puts some of the pieces that we’d already seen into clearer context and, well, we might have been happier with this part in the dark.
So...did...did Superman just threaten to murder Batman? It -- it really looks like that’s what just happened. Damn. We knew that that Dawn of Justice would be continuing the story of Man of Steel’s grim-dark version of Superman but this is some seriously messed up shit. We knew that the premise of the film was that Batman was afraid of the damage that Superman could do to the world, but we sort of assumed it was a big misunderstanding that would get sorted out in the end. Superman is a good guy. He doesn’t want to actually hurt people. He felt really terrible when he straight up snapped Zod’s neck, and that dude was evil! We thought Superman was still a hero. Apparently not. Apparently, Superman really is something of a danger to society, as he’s decided that the Batman is potentially too dangerous to live. So it does look like what we have here are two vigilantes who both think they have the people’s best interests at heart, but both also think the other is a major threat. Well, it should certainly set up one hell of a fight... which we suppose is the point.

The clip also shows us the context for Batman’s "Do you bleed?" line, which, depending on your perspective, was either the coolest, or the corniest, line in the film’s first trailer.
We have to say that Batman looks significantly less badass now that it turns out he drops the "you will" line only after Superman has flown away. We’re pretty sure he couldn’t hear your scary threat.

The film’s director, Zack Snyder, showed off the new scene as part of an appearance on last night’s Conan. While it still feels like we know much more about this movie than we should Snyder has promised fans that there’s much more left that we have not yet seen in the trailers. If nothing else Batman v. Superman is shaping up to be one hell of a grudge match. Are you ready for your ringside seat?