Long before the Scott brothers were kings of Hollywood action and suspense, Tony Scott was just a boy helping his brother by appearing in his first film. This was a black and white short titled "Boy and Bicycle." It's one of Tony's few acting credits and Ridley's only writing credit. The former stars as the titular hero who skips school to enjoy a illicit free day in Hartlepool, England.

In the wake of the shocking news of Tony's suicide, it's not only his friends and family who are left to mourn, but also all those who've ever enjoyed his films, from Top Gun to True Romance and Man on Fire. While the whys of Tony's decision may be up for debate, let's focus on the man's life, and the career that began in 1965 with "Boy and Bicycle." You can see the film at The Space, presented by the British Film Institute. Click on the image below to get there.

Much of the Scott family got in on the act with "Boy and Bicycle," as Tony and Ridley's mother and father, Elizabeth and Colonel Francis Percy Scott, have cameos in the film. The colonel also drove the car to help Ridley capture many of the film's tracking shots, which were shot on a 16mm spring-wound Bolex. BFI awarded Ridley funding to complete post-production on the film, and four years later supplied financing to Tony for his directorial debut, a short called "One of the Missing."

In other news, THR reports Ridley has suspended production of his upcoming thriller The Counselor, which was shooting in London, so he could return to Los Angeles to be with his family. The film penned by No Country for Old Men author Cormac McCarthy stars Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz. It centers on a lawyer entangled in the treacherous world of drug trafficking. Production is expected to resume next week.

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