A handful of this year's Best Picture nominees-- Beasts of the Southern Wild and the newly released Argo-- are already available on DVD, but for the most part you've got to trek to a theater if you want to catch up on all the major nominees at this Sunday's Oscars. But if you've already seen Argo and Beasts and want some other Oscar-caliber stuff to watch at home, we've got you covered-- so long as you're down with animation in one case, and subtitles in another.

Both the Best Animated Short winner "Paperman" and the Best Documentary Feature nominee 5 Broken Cameras-- about a Palestinian village's resistance against Israeli soldiers-- are available to watch at Hulu. In fact, you can watch both of them embedded below-- since "Paperman" is only six minutes long, it makes for a pretty good break from work. 5 Broken Cameras you might want to save for the weekend, and you'll need Hulu Plus to watch it anyway.

If you're feeling nostalgic for Oscar years past, Hulu Plus also has a ton of previous Oscar winners in their library, including Daniel Day-Lewis's first Oscar-winning role in My Left Foot, Jane Campion's The Piano and the Christopher Nolan masterpiece Memento. You can check out their full list of selections here.

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