A long time ago -- or about six years ago, anyway -- Veronica Mars got cancelled. Well, you can cancel a CW show but you can't cancel Veronica Mars, not as long as the fans love her. And we do. The final line of the above clip brings it home, offering a nod to the pilot in an opening scene that's one big nod to the first season, while also suggesting that this character has changed. People say she's a marshmallow.

Not only does the clip (via EW) serve as a helpful reminder of how this whole story began, but it offers some basic background information on Veronica's past. Once upon a time, she was a happy teenager, enjoying the good life in a town full of privileged people. And then her best friend Lily Kane died, her father lost his job as Neptune town sheriff and her mother left. The sweet, blonde high school beauty became a social outcast and a bit more cynical, devoting much of her time to solving her best friend's murder and taking other private eye work on the side. Who is Veronica Mars today? Has she really changed all that much from her Neptune days? What's going on with her friends? And what is Neptune like now? These are questions the film will hopefully answer with satisfying results.

In terms of the plot of the film, we already know quite a bit -- but if you don't and want to keep it that way, stop reading now!

The story picks up with Veronica finished with law school and ready to start her career as an attorney in New York when Logan calls. Wouldn't you know, he's been accused of murder and he needs Veronica's help. Her return to Neptune coincides with a reunion -- Go Pirates -- which seems like the perfect opportunity to get the whole gang back together, doesn't it? The series' third season left off with some pretty major loose ends. Veronica was dating Piz, she was kind of on the outs with Logan and some sneaky behavior got her father into hot water, putting his campaign to be Neptune Sheriff in jeopardy. From what Eric reported from the set of the film, we know Keith's election situation will be resolved. We also know that Veronica will have a run-in with Madison, her old high school (and college-ish) nemesis. May as well scratch open that probably-not-healed wound, right?

What I'm really hoping for here is a good murder mystery. The original series was layered with drama and humor, but it was that noir tone and the Lily Kane murder that made Season 1 such a satisfying run. There's no repeating that, but it'll be great to see how the character and this story translates to the big screen and what kind of mystery the story will present. In the meantime, it's also good to see the movie has an intro that serves as its own built-in "Previously, on Veronica Mars," without actually spoiling the whodunnit, for those who are still getting caught up on the first season. And if you're looking to do that, it's available on Amazon Prime!

Veronica Mars arrives in theaters and video on demand on March 14.

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