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Watch The Wes Anderson Halloween Horror Movie That Saturday Night Live Invented

If you're like me, you prefer your Halloween movies to be brightly lit, tongue-in-cheek affairs, better suited for sewing your costumes and chowing down on candy corn than actually turning off the lights and getting scared. So for the weenies among us, The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders might actually be the ideal horror movie. Directed by Wes Anderson, starring Owen Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow and a stop-motion mouse and featuring murderers polite enough to write letters before entering the home, it's a beautifully art-directed Halloween romp!

OK, so this isn't an actual trailer, but a parody that popped up on this weekend's Saturday Night Live, with actual Wes Anderson veteran Edward Norton hosting and game enough to imitate Owen Wilson and lead this sketch. You don't really need to be a Wes Anderson expert to get most of the gags in this sketch, since it leans most heavily on references from The Royal Tenenbaums and last summer's Moonrise Kingdom. At a certain point I started to worry that it would wear itself out by just relying on those two films, but then it included enough bizarro nods to things that aren't in Wes Anderson movies, but totally could be, like the picture of Edith Piaf in an emergency kit or the closet full of typewriters. They may not have the guts to reference The Darjeeling Limited, but whoever wrote this clearly knows their Wes Anderson.

And if you think that parodies like this will make Anderson step away from his signature style, don't worry-- the recent trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel proved that Anderson's tics are in fine form, and with new actors like Ralph Fiennes and Saoirse Ronan brought into the fold, it's looking more fun than ever to step into his world. Check out the trailer for that film below and think about how it can be worked into the Sinister Intruders sequel.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend