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Watchmen is still flying pretty under-the-radar when it comes to mainstream advertising, leaving the excitement to the fan communities and sites like ours for the most part. But the official Warner Bros. website is gradually developing some bells and whistles, and is finally seeing fit to introduce just one of its characters for the time being.

If you go to the official Watchmen site and click on the character tab for The Comedian at the bottom, you'll see Edward Blake's bio, a wallpaper image and a few buddy icon images. It's not much, but none of the other characters have anything up yet at all, so it's a starting point at least. Come on, you know you've been wanting Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian to sneer at you from your desktop for a long time now.

Thanks to Latino Review for picking up on this development. We'll be sure to keep an eye out for new bios and wallpapers as they appear.