A Weaker Wonder Woman? No Bat Villains? Read A Ton Of Superman Rumors

When it comes to spreading rumors about mega-blockbusters, it can feel like a game of Telephone. Sometimes it starts as New Bidet For Bird’s Blundered Plummage, then it morphs into Pal’s Minnow Is A Thunder Showman before becoming Jean Reno Says Plunder Ruins. And then, before you know it, the trades are reporting that Gal Gadot Is Wonder Woman, and you realize you’ve been hearing different things from different sources. Besides, Jean Reno would never advocate plunder. That’s a gross misrepresentation of Jean Reno’s mission on this planet.

The fever pitch surrounding the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film has been beset with voices on all sides claiming they know all about this upcoming film, and it’s up to sites like Batman-On-Film to sort through the chatter and decipher what it means, never mind if it’s relevant or not.

In a series of guarded statements, BOF writer Bill Ramey claims that it is not a "team" film, but in fact a Superman film with other characters, through and through. This would explain Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne and Diane Lane returning from The Man of Steel, joining Ben Affleck’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa’s mystery supporting character (though IMDb needs to stop listing Joaquin Phoenix as part of the cast, that ain’t happening).

Ramey claims that, as expected, Lex Luthor is the big bad in this film, though there is a second supporting villain onboard as well. Ramsey claims he can’t reveal the other villain, but he coyly remarks that the character is "highly rumored" to be in the film. Could it be Doomsday, the role that many are linking to Momoa? It certainly isn’t Martian Manhunter or Aquaman, two other characters linked to Momoa who Ramey claims are not in the movie at all. And we all know it ain’t a Justice League party without J’onn J’onzz! You also won’t get that much Batman in this film, as none of his colorful rogue’s gallery will be making an appearance.

Now, the controversial stuff. Ramey seems to mix some opinion and some scuttlebutt he’s heard regarding Wonder Woman’s character, so it’s uncertain how much of this is legit or vaguely speculative. Ramsey claims, and/or is willing to "bet" that the Amazonians will be descendants of ancient Kryptonians, and that the female warrior will have spent enough time on Earth to adapt, therefore becoming slightly less powerful than Superman. The combination of Gadot’s WW having a "much smaller" role than Affleck’s Batman (and having a role similarly-sized as Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in Iron Man 2) and her origin being folded into a more-powerful Superman rankles, since it reaffirms her status as a secondary character. Not only is this dismissive of the rich history of the character and her chance to break ground as the first major onscreen female superhero, but it’s also bad franchise-building, since they intend to make a solo Wonder Woman movie off the bat of this crowded Zack Snyder hero orgy.

Beyond that? Fanboy conjecture for the most part, as you can imagine a guy writing on BatmanOnFilm is SUPER psyched about this movie. They tend to gain access to some juicy scoops in the DC superhero world, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if some, or all of this came true. What’s really going to happen in this movie anyway? Chime in, and quit complaining that no one ever invites Aquaman to the party.