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Inside Llewyn Davis Blu-ray
The Coen Brothers picked an attractive setting for their latest theatrical endeavor. Greenwich Village in the sixties is a place bustling with life, art and plenty of movement--even during the cold, grey days of winter—making for a great place and time to introduce a character. The men’s latest, Inside Llewyn Davis, is a circular film with no apparent aims or story, yet it’s still infused with humor and enough human moments to keep fans invested through its 104-minute runtime.

Inside Llewyn Davis follows down-and-out musician Llewyn (Oscar Isaac) as he meanders through his life in Greenwich Village in the 1960s. He’s an alright musician with an alright breadth of talent, but despite his unattractiveness as a musician, he’s a man unwilling to compromise to make a career. He wants to sing folk songs that aren’t big sellers, but he doesn’t have enough stage presence or personality to get the record labels on board. While his music career is dwindling, his personal life is at a standstill, as well. Llewyn spends his days as a homeless couch crasher, relying on an older couple and his pregnant former girlfriend, Jean (Carey Mulligan), to offer him a place to sleep most nights.

Llewyn would probably call himself down and out on his luck, but Inside Llewyn Davis is really a tale of an aimless drifter—an unlikeable one to boot. You shouldn’t go into the story expecting it to have the certain flair or oddball sense of humor that populates many of the Coen brothers’ stories. This one is grim in look and grim in appearance, and even when it does display a sense of humor, it’s of the dark kind, illuminating even more unlikeable features about our main protagonist. There isn’t much story, to boot, but as far as character studies go, Inside Llewyn Davis is still a compelling watch. It helps that Isaac is supported by John Goodman, F. Murray Abraham, Adam Driver and Justin Timberlake.

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Best Special Feature: There’s only one special feature on this disc. It’s cleverly called "Inside Inside Llewyn Davis", and it’s really fascinating, mostly because the Coen Brothers are great on camera. That’s not something that can be said about a lot of directors, but the two are very candid and there’s a nice interplay between them. They have a brotherly dynamic that’s fun without getting silly.

The segment also features plenty of interviews with the other cast members and creators. Obviously, Oscar Isaac is heavily involved considering he’s in every single scene of the movie, but we also hear from everyone from John Goodman to the costume designer. Fun fact: the film was set in ‘60/’61 because no one wanted to have to include Bob Dylan, but you can’t possibly make a movie about folk music during the time of Bob Dylan and not address him.

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