Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away
The Cirque du Soleil movies, like the live shows, have always been about presenting a fantastical reality with echoes of the everyday world. Years ago, the shows found a strong niche in IMAX theaters, oftentimes in museums. Growing up, I found them to be magical and imaginative, capturing a unique on-film world that was stranger than any novel, and Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away capably captured that same sort of magic.

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away was conceived as a 3D film and looks great on the big screen in that medium. On regular Blu-ray and in HD the colorful circus atmosphere and finesse of the performers within the show still pop, but if you do get a chance to catch the film in 3D, that was the medium that was intended for the flick. The story offers a meet-cute between a girl named Mia and a performer known as the Aerialist. A strange vortex opens in the floor, sucking the two characters in and offering a chance for audiences to get up close and personal with the worlds offered by the Las Vegas Cirque shows, including Love, O, and Zumanity.

Best Special Feature: There are only a few bonus features with the Worlds Away set. The coolest is “A Day in the Life with Erica Linz,” a segment that explores the making of a Cirque du Soleil routine in all of its intricacies. Both Erica and her work partners go through grueling practice to get certain tricks down and then must order them in a manner that comes across as pleasing and pertinent to the story during shows. The performers seem to do a lot of choreographing on their own and the freedom and responsibility related to the job is highlighted.

Other Special Features:
“Making Worlds Away”
Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas Commercial

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