Weekend At Bernie's Being Re-animated

These days Weekend at Bernie’s is more of a punchline than anything, and anyone who wasn’t around at the time might think that the film was some sort of colossal, ridiculous flop. But it wasn’t. Weekend at Bernie’s was kind of a big deal back in 1989 and what’s more, though no one who saw it is likely to admit it now, it was also a ridiculous amount of fun. I’m not going to try and defend the sequel here, there’s no excusing Weekend at Bernie’s II, but how about another like the first one? It’s happening.

Moviehole says Gladden Entertainment is re-animating the corpse of Bernie Lomax for a reboot of the dead man in hilarious poses concept. They’re also the people behind the Mannequin remake we all heard about a few weeks ago. If you’re going to do one, why not the other? It sort of makes sense.

It’ll still be the story of a man who dies and the two friends who wheel his corpse around and make it look like he’s alive by taking him to wild parties. Just don’t expect to see fallen 80s idols Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman back in starring roles. Word is that they’ll fill their Hawaiian shirts with hot, hairless youngsters. As for Bernie Lomax, he was played by Terry Kiser, a man with a great talent for sitting very still. Now Kiser's getting up there in age and while he has two low-budget movies coming out, it's probably safe to assume that he too is out of the picture. That means casting a new dead guy as well. Moviehole suggests Burt Reynolds, but I’m hoping they’ll add a whole new creepiness factor and cast an America’s Next Top Model. Aren’t they supposed to be really good at holding still? Plus those girls know how to party. Paging Adrianne Curry.

Josh Tyler