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Weekend Box Office - Sequel Horrors Haunt Theaters

Halloween. The season of costumes, trick-or-treating, and that classic American tradition: making something cheap and and selling it to the unwitting masses for a tidy profit.

This weekend Paranormal Activity 2 beat the Halloween weekend rush by opening a week early. The low budget horror/thriller was put together on a slim $3 million budget and earned back over $41 million in its first three days for an easy number one.

The $20 million Paranormal Activity 2 banked its first day was a record breaker for biggest opening day for a supernatural thriller, beating out the $14.8 million record held by sequel The Ring Two.

This weekend also marks the second in a row that a low budget sequel earned more cash than it deserved to be number one. Last weekend's champion Jackass 3-D dropped almost 60% from last week, but it was still strong enough to hold second place. Next week, it will likely cross the $100 million mark and break into the year's top twenty.

Clint Eastwood's latest offering, Hereafter starring Matt Damon, expanded from 6 theaters to over 2,100 and earned about $12 million. Not an exciting debut, but that's what you get when you try and market a drama as being somewhat supernatural during Halloween season. Horror fans can sniff the real thing from a mile away, usually by the lame plot and bad acting. Something from Eastwood and Damon has too much thoroughbred to fool those fans.

Paranormal Activity 2 *$41,500,000 -Total: $41,500,000LW: N WR: 1
THTRS: 3,216
Jackass 3-D$21,600,000 -Total: $87,147,000LW: 1 WR: 2
THTRS: 3,111
Red$15,000,000 -Total: $43,483,000LW: 2 WR: 2
THTRS: 3,273
Hereafter$12,005,000 -Total: $12,320,000LW: 28 WR: 2
THTRS: 2,181
The Social Network$7,300,000 -Total: $72,931,000LW: 3 WR: 4
THTRS: 2,921
Secretariat$6,917,000 -Total: $37,360,000LW: 4 WR: 3
THTRS: 3,108
Life as We Know It$6,150,000 -Total: $37,615,000LW: 5 WR: 3
THTRS: 3,019
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole$3,175,000 -Total: $50,172,000LW: 6 WR: 5
THTRS: 2,236
The Town$2,720,000 -Total: $84,653,000LW: 7 WR: 6
THTRS: 1,918
Easy A$1,750,000 -Total: $54,785,000LW: 9 WR: 6
THTRS: 1,632