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What If Mrs. Doubtfire Were A Horror Movie?

Before seeing One Hour Photo, I'm not sure I could have pictured Robin Williams as the creepy, stalker-type. But since his portrayal of the obsessed film developer in Mark Romanek's thriller, the mental image has lingered, which is why I think I have an easy time buying into this amusing take on Mrs Doubtfire, than I might have if I only ever associated him with emotional dramas like Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society, or family-friendly features like Hook and Aladdin.

Vulture shared the video below, which is someone's cut of a Mrs. Doubtfire trailer, which, through the use of clever editing, a few effects and some creepy music, has turned the feel-good concept of a loving Dad who will do anything (including dress up like an elderly British woman) to be near his children, into a movie about a father who's crossed some serious boundaries.

It's funny how the video turns some of the funniest moments (the cream on the face, wrestling with the purse-snatcher) into scary moments. Not to mention the line, "They're my god-damned kids too!," which admittedly, is meant to be a heated and emotional moment in the film, but comes off even angrier when set to the pace of the intense score behind it.

Strangely, it makes me want to watch Mrs. Doubtfire again. And see other Robin Williams movies given a similar treatment. I wonder what someone could do with Toys