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“Jedi! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty! For tonight, we dine in hell!”

Once news broke that Zack Snyder reportedly was prepping a standalone Star Wars film, the Internet did what the Internet does, which is cleverly (and snarkily) lampooning the idea. So while Snyder’s reps have come out and thrown cold water on the rumors, it’s still fun to share one of the ideas that a YouTube user cooked up … namely, putting lightsabers in the hands of Gerard Butler and the Spartan warriors of 300:

This is so stupid to say, but seeing that clip actually helped me get excited about possibly seeing a one-off Jedi movie set in a different genre, be it a Western (like the rumored adaptation of Seven Samurai) or an ensemble war movie like 300 -- only with lightsabers. We discussed, at length, whether Snyder was a good fit for the expanding Star Wars world, and it sounds like we’re going to get multiple films in addition to the new trilogy that’s supposed to start with Episode VII … you know, if LucasFilm can ever settle on a director to kick start the fresh series.

So what do you think? Is Snyder participating in a little misdirection so that he can announce his intentions for The Magnificent Seven with Jedi on his own terms? Did Vulture gets its facts so completely wrong when it broke the “Snyder for Star Wars” story? Or will a different director be brought into the fold for a future Star Wars movie? Stay tuned.