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You have followed along with the debates that followed the announcement of Sight & Sound’s new Top 50 movies of all time. You’ve heard people argue for Vertigo, against Citizen Kane, and about the strength of subjective lists, in the first place. You would love to chime in on the discussion, but you haven’t seen Tokyo Story, The Rules of the Game, The Searchers or even Fellini’s masterful 8 1/2. Don’t worry. A new Web site’s got you covered.

It’s called, and they’ve carved out a page dedicated to the Sight & Sound “Greatest Films of All Time” list. Want to fire up Singin’ In the Rain? This site helps you locate it on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu … it basically breaks down your viewing options in one handy-dandy stop. Kurosawa’s Rashomon, for instance, is available through Hulu’s Hulu Plus streaming of the Criterion Collection. And if a film isn’t readily available, the site helps you put it into a queue so you can be made known when it is available.

There are far too many movies on the Sight & Sound list that I’ve yet to catch up on. And in today’s age of streaming video and OnDemand – where movies are delivered directly you’re your living room without the seemingly insignificant hassle of having to find them in a video store – there’s really no excuse to let these bona fide classics slip on by. Tell us, which unseen movie off of this list will you go out of your way to watch this weekend?

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