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In the movie world, we’re all very focused on our big event coming up, the Academy Awards. If you’re a sports fan, you also have a big event that’s even closer, the Super Bowl. So if you’re a movie website who has found yourself smack in the middle of Super Bowl media day for some reason, what do you do? You ask football players about movies, of course.

Super Bowl media day is an event where players from each team are forced to sit in one place and answer endless questions from every news outlet imaginable. For the most part, this means answering the same question over and over again about how they’re going to handle the game. However, the Super Bowl is such a big deal that many non-sports media outlets also show up. Fandango.com, for example, was there asking the players what they thought of various current and upcoming films. Most of the players just stared at the interviewer, convinced they had misheard the question. However, Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris, Jr. did have an answer when he was asked who he thought would win Best Picture.
Probably The Revenant. Yeah. I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio, I went in a fight with a bear, you know what I mean? But I killed the bear!

those sentences make no sense, right? Still, it’s as good a reason as any to pick a Best Picture winner, we suppose. And there’s a decent chance he’s not wrong. Other questions asked of players include which member of the NFL they’d like to leave on Mars, as in The Martian, and the old chestnut, who would win in a fight, between Batman and Super-Cam (a question we’re sure our own Sean O’Connell has a great answer for). For the most part, however, what we have here is a series of polite chuckles and blank looks. ESPN’s Chris Berman has no idea what to do with this guy. A couple of the players obviously enjoy talking movies, and there’s a pretty decent movie related dig at Peyton Manning, if that’s your thing, but for the most part. Check out the clip below.

Are you excited for the Super Bowl or are you looking forward to all the cool movie trailers we’re going to get during the commercial breaks?