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Why Crossbones Would Beat The Hell Out Of The Hulk

Frank Grillo isn’t afraid of anything. Or anyone. Scheduling a Purge? Grillo’s on board. Need him to fight Chris Evans until the two of them are covered in bruises? Where does Grillo sign up? Tussle with the incredible Hulk? Grillo’s just chomping at the bit to take his shots at the green giant.

In fact, in a fascinating profile between tough-guy Frank Grillo and (seriously, the whole column’s an amazing read), the Captain America: The Winter Soldier baddie breaks down all of the reasons why he thinks his character, Crossbones, would win in a battle against Mark Ruffalo’s enraged superhero. As Grillo so eloquently puts it:

The Hulk is just a big thug who comes at you. He comes out swinging. Crossbones is much smarter than that. Plus, he’s got weapons. The Hulk has no weapons. He’s an idiot. And he’s green. Crossbones doesn’t lose to people who are green. I’ll fight any of those guys. Any of them."

As great as that quote is, it’s really like the fourth or fifth best sound bite in the entire candid conversation, where Frank Grillo spills about all aspects of his career, from the past to the inevitable future. But will that future involve Marvel? All of this is assumed, as Grillo’s character – Brock Rumlo – survived the explosive finale of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and, we believe, will assume the mantle of Crossbones. Grillo hasn’t been shy about admitting this in public, though nothing really has been confirmed about the villain’s placement in future Captain America stories.

Where do we think we might see Crossbones? Obviously, we are dialing him up in the already announced Captain America: Civil War, which Joe and Anthony Russo are scheduled to direct for a May 6, 2016 release date. That sequel will contain Iron Man, but no Hulk. So if Crossbones and Bruce Banner ever were to throw down, it likely wouldn’t happen until one of the Infinity War movies that Marvel has on its slate for 2018 and 2019. That’s insane to think that far ahead. Almost as insane as Frank Grillo stating Crossbones "doesn’t lose to people who are green," but that’s the world that we are living in these days.

Look for Frank Grillo in the television series Kingdom, available now.

Sean O'Connell

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