Can You Name These 20 Marvel Supporting Characters?

Thanks to some unbridled critical and box office success, practically everyone in the world knows the big stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man, Thor,

[[ ahref http new watch-truck-smashed-by-hulk-avengers-2-set-41707.html ]] Hulk and Captain America (and the actors who play them) are all not only true blue household names, and the same can be said for their females leads and villains.

But what about the supporting players of the big screen comic book world? Over the course of nine movies, five shorts and one television show, the Marvel Studios franchise has both adapted memorable live-action versions of characters who originated in the comics and created some brand new ones that have completely changed the way we look at the superheroes around them. Today is there moment to spend some time in the spotlight.

Below and across the next few pages you’ll find our latest quiz, testing just how well all of you know the not-so-famous players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read our hints, guess the name, check your answers, and be sure to take our poll at the end to see how well you did compared to others!

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[[ ahref http new watch-truck-smashed-by-hulk-avengers-2-set-41707.html ]] First Seen In: Iron Man

Closest Main Character Associate: Tony Stark

From The Comics: Introduced to the pages of Marvel in 1963, this former failed boxer became Tony Stark’s chauffeur and personal assistant after succeeding in saving his future employer from a fiery wreck during a car race. The two became close friends, and he was even at one point married to Pepper Potts

In The Movies: Played by Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau, he’s largely used for comic relief, but he can definitely kick some ass and take some names when the game is on.

[[ ahref http new watch-truck-smashed-by-hulk-avengers-2-set-41707.html ]] "Do you know what happened when I told everyone I was Iron Man's bodyguard? They would laugh in my face. I had to leave while I still had a shred of dignity."


Happy Hogan


First Seen In: Thor

Closest Main Character Associate: Agent Phil Coulson

From The Comics: One of the top recruits in his S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy class, this character rose through the ranks of the clandestine organization and was Nick Fury’s assistant for a time (he was even temporary director at one point when his boss went M.I.A.)

In The Movies: He is portrayed as a hard-working, high-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in multiple MCU features, shorts and television episodes (played by Maximiliano Hernández), but his dark secret is revealed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: all along he has been an undercover HYDRA agent.

"Zola's never wrong! He predicted it all!"


Agent Jasper Sitwell


First Seen In: Iron Man 3

Closest Main Character Associate: Aldrich Killian

From The Comics: A co-creator of the super soldier serum known as Extremis alongside Dr. Aldrich Killian, she initially works with Iron Man to try and reacquire an illegally sold dose from a group of terrorists. Ultimately, it’s revealed that she actually helped sell the serum in the first place.

In The Movies: Brought to life by Rebecca Hall in Iron Man 3, she is a former flame of Tony Stark’s who first created Extremis back in the late '90s. While she teams up with the evil organization A.I.M. in order to further her research, she must eventually go back to Tony so that he can help her fix the formula… by any means necessary.

"I need Stark alive! He's the only one who can improve on the Extremis, make it into what I want, and you want!"


Dr. Maya Hansen


First Seen In: Thor: The Dark World

Closest Main Character Associate: Malekith

From The Comics: One of the most powerful Dark Elves in existence, he was convinced by his leader Malekith The Accursed to go into battle with Thor. During the fight he winds up falling into a pit of lava, and while his enchanted armor saves his life, he winds up suffering from complete amnesia outside of his intense desire to get revenge against the God of Thunder.

In The Movies: Serving as Malekith’s lieutenant, he works to both bring the Dark Elves back from the brink of existence and do his part to try and reduce Asgard to nothing but piles of rubble and pools of blood. The character is played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

"Our survival will be your legacy."


Algrim The Strong/Kurse


First Seen In: The Incredible Hulk

Closest Main Character Associate: Bruce Banner

From The Comics: Working at a chemical plant in Boise, Idaho, this character finds exposed to a serious dose of gamma radiation while in an underground radioactive material storage area. The accident winds up not only giving him genius level intellect, but even a few psionic powers.

In The Movies: Played by Tim Blake Nelson, this character is a scientist working in New York City who communicates with Bruce Banner and helps to try and find a cure for the Hulk. During a confrontation with Emil Blonsky a.k.a. The Abomination, he is involved in a lab accident that starts to cause him to go through a few changes…

"I've always been more curious than cautious, and that's served me pretty well."


Dr. Samuel Sterns


First Seen In: The Avengers

Closest Main Character Associate: Nick Fury

From The Comics: While she was first introduced in 2005, she is probably best known for her role in the "Civil War" crossover storyline where she took control of S.H.I.E.L.D. and ordered a mandate that all superheroes must register with the government. As you can imagine, there are a few individuals out there – Captain America included – who take issue with this idea.

In The Movies: Appearing in The Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America: The Winter Soldier played by Cobie Smulders, she is a close confidant of Nick Fury’s and a trusted ally in the MCU. After the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., she takes a job at Stark Industries helping privatize global security.

"Sir, how does it work now? They've gone their separate ways, some pretty extremely far. We get into a situation like this again, what happens then?"


Maria Hill


First Seen In: The Incredible Hulk

Closest Main Character Associate: Betty Ross

From The Comics: A psychiatrist working with Bruce Banner after the hero has been cured of the Hulk, this character winds up getting exposed to some of the green monster’s dangerous radiation. This not only gives him super strength, but also even turns his hair long and green.

In The Movies: While we don’t see his superpower origin story play out in The Incredible Hulk, he does have a small role in the movie as a psychiatrist who Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) briefly dates while trying to get over her lost love, Bruce.

"You know, it's a point of professional pride for me that I can tell when somebody's lying. And you are. I don't know where he's going. I know she'll help him if she can."


Dr. Leonard Samson


First Seen In: Captain America: The First Avenger

Closest Main Character Associate: Steve Rogers

From The Comics: A German scientist working for the Americans during World War II, he is responsible for the creation of the super soldier serum and the vita-rays that turn skinny, scrawny Steve Rogers into the hero known as Captain America.

In The Movies: Stanley Tucci brings the character to life in Captain America: The First Avenger, and while his story is basically ripped straight out of the comics, there is one major difference: he is responsible for the creation of the evil, power-hungry Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) as well.

"Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are: not a perfect soldier, but a good man."


Dr. Abraham Erskine


First Seen In: Iron Man 2

Closest Main Character Associate: Tony Stark

From The Comics: Sorry! This was a character created specifically for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In The Movies: A foe of Tony Stark’s who wants the Iron Man armor to be controlled by the U.S. government, this original character is played by Garry Shandling and really hates Tony’s snarky attitude. You pretty much hate him from the moment you meet him, which is a pretty good thing considering he is a member of HYDRA.

"Hail HYDRA"


Senator Stern


First Seen In: Thor

Closest Main Character Associate: Thor

From The Comics: A member of the Warriors Three – the Asgardian trio that also includes Hogan and Fandrall – this character is one of the greatest warriors in the seven realms. His strength and power is only matched by his appetite, which explains the huge belly he swings around during battle.

In The Movies: It’s Ray Stevenson who brings this portly warrior to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he has played a big role in helping get Thor out of some very tight jams, including a battle against the Frost Giants and a showdown with The Destroyer.

"What's the matter, silver tongue turned to lead?"




First Seen In: Iron Man

Closest Main Character Associate: Tony Stark

From The Comics: Similar to the way that Alfred Pennyworth worked for Bruce Wayne, this character was a manservant for the Stark family in Iron Man comics.

In The Movies: Trying to avoid comparisons to the Batman franchise, the first Iron Man movie turned this character into a digital interface that Tony Stark can interact with both in his home and while wearing his armor. While he doesn’t appear in physical form, Paul Bettany provides the voice.

"Welcome home, sir."




First Seen In: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Closest Main Character Associate: Nick Fury

From The Comics: Introduced in Nick Fury comics, this character is best known for his work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and teaming up with Fury on multiple adventures, including an attempt to defeat Madame Hydra and her forces that have taken over the organization.

In The Movies: This character’s long standing relationship with Nick Fury is definitely kept in canon in Captain America: The Winter Solider, but there are some important distinctions. Not only does he hold a senior leader position within the S.H.I.E.L.D, he also happens to be the leader of a HYDRA faction that has spent decades infiltrating the infrastructure.

"You got to get Iron Man to show up at my nieces' birthday party. And I don't mean a fly-by, I want him to mingle."


Alexander Pierce


First Seen In: Iron Man

Closest Main Character Associate: Tony Stark

From The Comics: Yet another character created solely for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In The Movies: She is a Brown University-educated reporter from Vanity Fair played by Leslie Bibb who certainly has a chip on her shoulder about Tony Stark… but that doesn’t stop her from sleeping with him. Naturally, she doesn’t have the greatest relationship with him.

"I never said you were a superhero."


Christine Everhart


First Seen In: Iron Man

Closest Main Character Associate: Tony Stark

From The Comics: Captured and taken as prisoner during the Vietnam War, he worked alongside Tony Stark to create the first ever version of the Iron Man armor so that they could make their escape. In order to make sure Tony got out safely, this character sacrificed his life and was a key inspiration for Tony to become a superhero.

In The Movies: In order to make the first Iron Man movie more contemporary, the Vietnam setting was traded for Afghanistan, but still the character’s relationship with Tony played out very similarly to what was done in the comics. He was played by Shaun Toub in both Iron Man and Iron Man 3.

"If I had been that drunk, I wouldn't have been able to stand, let alone give a lecture on integrated circuits."


Dr. Ho Yinsen


First Seen In: Captain America: The First Avenger

Closest Main Character Associate: Red Skull

From The Comics: This character was a Nazi scientist responsible for all kinds of horrific experiments, creating many different forms of weird artificial life. He eventually finds a way to imprint brain patterns, and it’s because of this technology that his brain eventually gets stuck within a computer.

In The Movies: Toby Jones brings this man/machine to life in both Captain America: The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier. When we first meet him during World War II he is working alongside the Red Skull to manipulate the powers of the Tesseract. Just like his comic book counterpart, however, his consciousness doesn’t remain in his human body for his entire life, which winds up spelling big trouble for the MCU.

"Cut off one head, two more shall take its place."


Dr. Arnim Zola


First Seen In: Thor

Closest Main Character Associate: Jane Foster

From The Comics: No comic book counterpart for this one, guys.

In The Movies: An astrophysicist just like Jane Foster, this character – played by Stellan Skarsgard – has been through quite a bit within the MCU. In addition to actually meeting Thor (a pretty big thrill for someone of Norse decent), he also unfortunately finds his brain getting manipulated by Loki in The Avengers and has a bit of a mental breakdown in Thor: The Dark World.

[After being told by Thor that Loki is dead] "Thank God... I'm so sorry."


Dr. Erik Selvig


First Seen In: Captain America: The First Avenger

Closest Main Character Associate: Captain America

From The Comics: This Boston-born character is best known as one of the leading members of Howling Commandos – a group of skilled soldiers who helped defeat the Nazis during World War II. He created a strong relationship with Nick Fury, the leader of the outfit, and as a result he was enlisted to join S.H.I.E.L.D. after the fighting was over.

In The Movies: Just like in the comics, this character (portrayed by Neal McDonough) was once again a member of the Howling Commandos in Captain America: The First Avenger, albeit he works alongside the titular superhero instead of Nick Fury. As seen in Marvel One Shot short film Agent Carter, he also has a certain rapport with Howard Stark, meaning that he may have been involved in the early years S.H.I.E.L.D. within the MCU as well.



Dum Dum Dugan


First Seen In: Thor

Closest Main Character Associate: Jane Foster

From The Comics: No comic book clues here! This character was invented for the big screen.

In The Movies: Played by Kat Dennings, this funny heroine is introduced to the MCU as astrophysicist Jane Foster’s intern (despite the fact that she’s studying political science). She largely exists for comedic relief, but as a result is often one of the best parts of the Thor movies.

"Meow-meow? What’s meow-meow?"


Darcy Lewis


First Seen In: Iron Man 3

Closest Main Character Associate: Aldrich Killian

From The Comics: This character was a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States army when he stepped on a landmine and was blown to pieces. Thankfully, his skilled surgeon girlfriend was able to put him back together with cybernetic parts. Operating under the name Coldblood, he became a freelance mercenary with both great hand-to-hand and marksmanship skills.

In The Movies: Iron Man 3 does a complete revamp of this character. Portrayed by James Badge Dale, he was one of the early subjects of Aldrich Killian’s Extremis experiments, and as a result gained both incredible power and regenerative abilities. He is Killian’s right-hand man and proves to be an extremely tough foe for Tony Stark.

"You think you’re so smart..."


Eric Savin


First Seen In: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Closest Main Character Associate: Alexander Pierce

From The Comics: This is one seriously bad dude. Growing up running with gangs on the streets of New York, he eventually became so good at crime that he wound up being an instructor at a school for criminals. Moving forward, he becomes a mercenary and eventually winds up working for supervillains like The Red Skull, and Baron Zemo. He was also one of the key players involved in the death of Captain America

In The Movies: Played by Frank Grillo, we meet this character as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent working in a unit with Captain America, but he has a lot more going on below the surface. He is, in fact, an undercover operative for HYDRA and plays a key role in the operation to try and take down the organization from within. He is severely injured and disfigured in an explosion at the end of Captain America: The Winter Solider, but does wind up surviving.

"There are no prisoners with HYDRA! You want to take on its best soldier?"


Brock Rumlow

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